About Us

Children should be exposed to a variety of books to nurture their infinite creation and curiosity, and spontaneously learn words, emotions, ideas, and diverse cultures and lives around the world. “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest” is a cultural facility with these hopes and expectations.

Dear Children

In this library, you will find a lot of books you have ever seen;

from story books, picture books, literatures, cookbooks, art books, to foreign language books.

Maybe you can even try some books the adults are reading with a “hmmm” frowny face. 

Take your time. Freely. Follow your heart and pick any books. You are invited to the new world.

In the space where all the walls covered with books, please enjoy the paper books, without a moving screen.We can’t wait to see you at “Children’s Book Forest”.

Dear parents and guardians

Not only the adults, but the children too are complaining they don’t have enough time these days. Unfortunately, in this era, we have little chance to be exposed to books. In addition, the difference between the flowing in and out information centered on social media, and the information from non-editable paper books is blurred.

At “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest”, donated to Osaka city by Tadao Ando, we present a wide range of books including donated books. From picture books for small children, chapter books, literatures, novels, illustrated encyclopedias from each field, natural science books, to art books. To help children consume different genres neutrally, we present books with a new courteous approach.

What we value the most are children’s innocent eyes and their rich sensibility. The books are arranged without focusing too much on the age appropriation, for them to spontaneously develop a reading habit, and to realize the joy of receiving the writer’s voice as an independent reader.

Please visit “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest”,  a library never limiting children’s infinite curiosity.

《Message from Tadao Ando》

One earth.Children are the future builders. They should spread their wings to the world freely, and energetically. It is very important for them to read books from their childhood to nurture rich sensitivity and imagination. I hope the newly opening “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest” will become a place for them to encounter their “one and only books”.

《Message from Honorary Curator Shinya Yamanaka》

Reading has taught me a lot of things since my childhood. Without these reading experiences, I may have not been led to medical science. Being exposed to various books, and getting a reading experiences will become a valuable asset for the child’s future and our country. I hope the children will grow up with rich imagination and energy.

《Message from Chief Librarian Mayumi Ito

A place for children, picture and storybooks for children, and moments for children.
At the entrance
Like the green apple objet d’art at the entrance
I want you to grow up to be an adult who can stay in the midst of “youth” (i.e., an apple that has not yet ripened and remains blue)
I want you to become an adult.
With such a wish,
I hope to help children to encounter many books
I am waiting for you in the “Forest of Books” to help you
I will be waiting for you in the “Forest of Books” to help children encounter many books.

《Message from Creative Director Yoshitaka Haba》

Creating a mecca of “stories” by valuing children’s innocent eyes and sensitivity. This is the concept of “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest”.

Now that the distance between people and books got quite far, we would like them to be exposed to non-instant but a long-term “books” that takes time to engage. 

There are too many information and emotions flowing on the internet, and it is to be said that we are expecting a future of AI thinking like humans. Thus, something stuck deep in your heart would become the mark of one’s “being”. A non-editable, well-polished paper books. I believe they will have more power to reach people’s cores than the flowing information. Additionally, in my own experience, children are not willing to be treated as children. On the other hand, their flexible sensitivity without fixed ideas will unleash their astonishing concentration and intuition to receive the world of books, honestly and sincerely. Not based on the age appropriation, centered around picture books, our selection varies in genre, from story books for small children, chapter books, novels, illustrated encyclopedias from each field, natural science books, to art books. Furthermore, to evoke their curiosity, we present the books with a new courteous approach, and to spontaneously develop a reading habit, and realize the joy of receiving the writer’s voice as an independent reader. We are more than happy if children will spread their wings from here, with excitement to the potential future and the diverse world.


2017 (Heisei 29)

September Osaka born architect Tadao Ando proposed a plan on building books and art facility to nurture children’s rich creation, inside of Nakanoshima Park called “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest (TBD)”, to be donated to Osaka city and ask for donations for its operating funds. 

December Under the condition of “opening the library to provide an opportunity mainly for children to experience high quality and diverse art and culture especially literatures”, Osaka City Council approved accepting the onerous donation. Acceptance of donation starts.

2018 (Heisei 30) 

June Formulation of “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest (TBD)” facility basic outline. 
Public comment made.
October Formulation of “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest (TBD)” facility basic outline
November Facility construction starts
December Osaka city Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest regulation plan submission (passed on December 12th, promulgated on December 13th )⇒Following the enactment, removed “TBD”.

2019 (Heisei 31)

January Accepting book donation (January 4th- February 27th) Open recruitment of designated administrator (January 24th – March 25th )
April Designated administrator selection

(Reiwa 1)

June A vote of designating the designated administrator
August Shinya Yamanaka appointed as an Honorary Curator
December Facility donated from Tadao Ando Opening “Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest” official website, social media accounts

2020 (Reiwa 2)

July Grand open of“Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest”


Designated Administrator: TRC & HASEKO Corporation meet BACH
Representative Corporation, Operation/Toshokan Ryutu Center Co., Ltd(TRC)
Composing Corporation, Administration/Haseko Community, Inc.
Composing Corporation, Creating Direction/BACH Inc.

Library Donation, Design/Tadao Ando Architect & Associates

Honorary Curator/Shinya Yamanaka(Director of Center for iPS Cell Research and Application)
Library Director/Chiharu Maekawa (TRC Library Service Inc)

Creative Director/Yoshitaka Haba(CEO of BACH Inc.)
Art Director/Fumikazu Ohara (CEO of BOOTLEG Co., Ltd )
Merchandiser/Yu Yamada(CEO of Method Inc.)
Visual InstallationRhizomatiks Co., Ltd.
Web Design/Masaki Yato(CEO of MYDO LLC)
Photography/Shunsuke Ito
Furniture Planning/E&Y Co., Ltd
Uniform Design, Production/NO CONTROL AIR
Signage Production/NIKKOW-SHA CO.,LTD


Construction: Three story reinforced concrete
Gross Floor Area: About 800㎡