Opening March 2020.

Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest

Children are so receptive and have such a guileless way of looking at the world around them. Together, we work to create a story-dedicated space that embraces these qualities.

Dear kids

Here, you are going to find
a lot of books
that you’ve never seen before.

Not just picture books,
but reference books,
children’s stories, cooking books,
art books, photo books,
and books in other languages, too!

You might even be able to read
those books
that adults are always
reading with serious,
insightful looks on their faces.

Thoughtfully and freely take a peek
into whatever books
you’d like and explore New Worlds!

Here in this place where entire walls
are covered with books,
discover the fun of books made of
paper with no moving pictures.

We await you here, at “Kodomo

Dear parents and

In these times where it’s not only adults but also children saying the same words, “I have no time,” opportunities to read books are on the decline. The line is also becoming blurred between the flow of information coming in mainly from social media and the information that can be gained from printed books that cannot be edited instantaneously.

At “Kodomo Honnomori Nakanoshima” (donated to Osaka City by Tadao Ando), we have all kinds of books available, including books donated by people of the community.

We are using a new approach to bring books to children by presenting books of all genres ─ everything from picture books children’s stories that can be enjoyed by infants to children’s literature, short stories, reference books reigning from different fields of study, natural science books, art books, and so on ─ in a way they could all be enjoyed neutrally and indiscriminately.

Here, we try not to present books while staying too closely within their recommended age ranges as a means of putting the receptiveness and guileless nature of children first. Finally, our wish is to help visitors understand the joys of routine, spontaneous reading and comprehending an author’s message as a reader.

We hope you come pay us a visit soon at “Kodomo Honnomori Nakanoshima,” where children’s boundless curiosity is free to roam.


NameNakanoshima Children’s Book Forest
Total floor spaceAround 800㎡
DesignerTadao Ando
Property1-1-28 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Oosakashi
-Inside Nakanoshima Park
Opening ScheduleSunday 1st March, 2020
*As congestion is expected in the beginning of opening, we will inform you about an opening time and the visit method some other time by the end of January, 2020.
*We will temporary open the facilities on Monday 2nd March, 2020.
Open Hours9:30am to 5:00pm
Regular HolidayMonday
*If the Monday is National holiday, we will open the facilities and switch over to the next day.
New Year's holiday and Stocktaking for Collection of books of Library
Facilities UserAge: 0 to 16
*We set up these age to our main target.
Admission FeesAdmission free for everyone
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