At Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest, we present books of various genres, divided into 12 themes.We introduce books that have been uniquely compiled to suit children’s daily lives and curiosities.

Let’s Play with Nature

This bookshelf, leading from the outdoor square, presents flowers, plants, trees, forests, rivers, oceans, mountains, colors of the sky, and astronomical bodies, a genre of books to help deeply learn about natural environment. There are also a variety of books to learn about the relationship between nature and human.

Move Your Body

How about introducing this theme to children who loves to play soccer, baseball, dance, and other physical activities but doesn’t usually read a lot of books. Autobiographies of sport heroes/heroines, as well as rulebooks, technical books, and learning about the human body developing from there.

For Animal Lovers

Animals from all over the world, from familiar pets such as cats and dogs, to lions, whales, birds, fish, insects and more . The collection of stories and picture books under this theme also includes prehistoric dinosaurs and other legendary creatures, as well as the past and future of living things on land, sea and air.

Your Everyday

Bookshelf for children to think about their daily surroundings. Giving great tips for anything they are curious about, school, socializing with friends, relationship with the family, and other daily concerns.


One of the most familiar themes for everyone, “eating”. There will be practical recipes and etiquette books, picture books about food, dietary education books, and books about “eating” from all angles, including kitchen utensils and markets.

Osaka → Japan → World

Osaka as a starting point, we invite children to explore the world. While focusing on travel books, there will also be books on Osaka’s specialties, landmarks, history, Japanese culture, and books sparking their interest in the international cultures.

Beautiful Things

From paintings and sculptures of the art field, but also to poetry, fashion, jewelry, geometry (mathematics), we collect various “beauties” existing in this world. A bookshelf for children to understand the diversity of “beauty” from various angles.

Stories and Words

This theme collects books to pay attention to stories and words. Epic stories and classics that have been read for generations, full-length fantasies, poetry and haiku, to feel the heaviness and subtlety of words. We also choose books that will raise children’s awareness of language as a tool, such as dictionaries for reading.

Can You Imagine the Future?

We will collect books that help children imagine what the future society may look like. Making vehicles as a starting point, this theme looks into the future of the world, of technology and industry, space technology, and even science fiction. On the other hand, to retrospect and study from the past, books about wars and other human histories and events are also included in this shelf.

Thinking About Your Future

A collection of books to help each child think about what kind of adult they want to become. The difference between children and adults, work and money, how to achieve their dreams, and to think about a hopeful future waiting in front of them.

To live/To die

The awareness of “death”, which is the furthest thing from the child’s mind, may lead them to realize about their lives in contrast. There are many picture books, fables, stories and poems that deal with life and death. Without holding back, we positively deliver every book under this theme.

Being with Children

This theme brings together books for adults who are closely being with children. Giving birth, parenting, education, and other books that let you think about parental behavior and boundaries with children. While also imagining the diverse nature of the family structure, we select books for adults who needs guidance being close to children.